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The River Sonata |Kaunas Concert Centre

Kaunas| Lithuania | Honourable Mention | 2018

The River Sonata is a light and pure pentagon sitting on the edge of Nemunas River, envelopes two concert halls, one addressing the old town and the other the new and each marked by a raised corner on the pentagon to register their location and orientation.

Venice Biennale

Venice | Italy | Shortlisted| 2018

Lightness is a collaborative submission for the Canadian Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale initiated and led by Ja Architecture Studio. The exhibition proposes an exploration of the historical and contemporary alignments of light wood frame construction to broader national issues such as ecology, regionalism, colonisation and settlement.

Canada 150: 30 Canadian Architecture Firms Breaking New Ground

June 30, 2017

The editorial team at Azure Magazine have selected Ja Architecture Studio as one of the top 30 firms to represent the future of Canadian Architecture. Happy Canada Day!
Canada 150: 30 Canadian Architecture Firms Breaking New Ground

The Arch of Light

Spark Street Mall | Ottawa | Competition Entry | Finalist | 2016

To celebrate the heroes of the Stanley Cup, we proposed a contemporary twist on the “Arc De Trimophe” as a new keystone for the City of Ottawa. To create a design that originated from the iconic shape, the Stanley Cup, we focused on its outline to become an archway of light. The sunlight of the northern hemisphere draws light through the arch to reflect the Stanley Cup onto the monument’s floor, that mark the different key moments celebrated in 2015.

Governor General's Reception

October 2016

"... Lord Stanley and his latest successor, David Johnston, addressing the the Stanley Cup Monument finalists at Rideau Hall, one from the podium the other from the frame. Bottom| photographer: Sgt Johanie Maheu, Rideau Hall, OSGG. ©Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada represented by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, 2016..."

The Duple Dip

West Queen West | Toronto | Under Construction | 2018

A unique dwelling in West Queen West where the architecture becomes a vessel to connect four outdoor spaces, located at the front, the back, and two elevated side yards. The Duple Dip performs as a vehicle that intensifies our perception of time, light and materiality through its distinctive layers of spaces that cascade onto one another.

Lima Art Museum Expansion Competition

Lima | Peru | Competition Entry | 2016

Our proposal to design a new contemporary art wing for the Lima Art Museum (MALI) offers a solution to the complex urban issues faced in Peru. Dotting the Edges creates an urban threshold through the series of light towers placed along the perimeter of the site to define a permeable public space. This proposed design allows for light and artwork to be carried into the new wing below the ground.


1070 Queen St. W | Toronto | Design Development | 2018

111 introduces an alluring anomaly that negotiates its unique geometric form with the intrinsic character of the existing neighbourhood, West Queen West. This award winning design for the Architectural Design of Excellence in 2015, is a three unit residential building with an additional commercial space below, proposed to the rear of the Twofold project completed in 2014

Canadian Architects Award Ceramony 2015

December, 2015

Ja Architecture Studio's project "111" has won the Canadian Architect's Award of Merit. Pictures from the event...


Azimieh | Iran | Under Construction | 2018

Bahar Centre is a mixed-use building designed to provide unobstructive panoramic views to overlook the beautiful skyline of Karaj, in Iran. It is comprised of promising commercial spaces below and elegant residential units above.


166 Dovercourt Road | Toronto | Built | 2016

Semi-Split; a new typology into one of Toronto’s most historic neighbourhoods, West Queen West. This subdivided three suite hotel boutique re-envisions architecture to respond to the emerging attitudes of a shared economy. The project introduces a new experience through its careful integration of the existing neighbourhoods characteristics and the modern day trends. Photo by Sam Javanrouh

P O P U L A R I Z E 2 0 1 6 talk at Ryerson

March, 2016

Flanking the Spectrum, a talk by Ja Architecture Studio at AIAS Ryerson University.

Bauhaus Museum Competition

Dessau | Germany | Competition Entry | Fourth Place | 2015

Our proposal for the Bauhaus Museum Competition, awarded fourth place, highlights the narratives of one of the most interdisciplinary institutions, The Bauhaus. Six Rooms delicately balances autonomy and participation through the mergence of these six spaces which individually frames a curated program while collectively producing a cohesive whole.

The Fold

273 Brairhill Av. | Toronto | Built | 2015

The Fold; to create the notion of entry to a house by folding the main façade and creating a space within the façade that both belongs to the outside and the public as well as the inside and the domestic.

Guggenheim Helsinki Exhibition in Kunsthalle

April, 2015

Guggenheim Helsinki "NOW". Opening night at Kunsthalle Helsinki.. Pictures from the event...

Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

Helsinki | Finland | Compitition Entry | Honourable Mention | 2015

Driftwood; a porous wooden structure arranged to discover and exhibit moments of openness and accessibility while creating an architectural icon for Helsinki. This proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki Competition, blurs the divide between the exterior and interior spaces to produce a riveting experience of art and the city’s natural beauty to the visitors.


1070 Queen St West | Toronto | Built | 2013

Twofold; A careful integration of contemporary architecture and the existing environment and a new purpose for a once stagnant space. The materiality of the naval brass cladding accentuates the dynamic folded geometry that strays from the uniformity of the street. The restoration, renovation and new addition brings purpose to every segment of the lot.

Twenty + Change

November 20, 2015 – February 5, 2016

Ja Architecture Studio's in 20 + change Next Generation from November 20, 2015 until February 5, 2016, at Urbanspace Gallery - 401 Richmond St West, Toronto, ON read more...

A House Undivided

1 Ramsgate Rd. | Toronto | Built | 2014

Can a dwelling be as simple as placing one’s personal objects within an honest, warm, properly built space? A House Undivided seeks to regress a dwelling to its modest and simplistic nature through the conceptual ambitions and the method of construction.


October, 2015

Volume 34 | City Builders showcases young, creative city builders – those working on, responding to, advocating for, and imagining our fine city. This Volume advances the idea that a project doesn’t need to be large scale and expansive to have transformational impact. We’ve put together an exciting line-up of city builders who are giving something to the city, provoking change, starting conversations, and making the streets more animated and beautiful. So we ask, “What have you done for Toronto lately?” read more...

Offset House

133 Cleveland St. | Toronto | Built | 2012

A simple rectilinear dwelling, offset to introduce new forms of light and continuity within the space. This geometric shift creates changing atmospheric and spatial qualities, reflecting the different characters of light that enter throughout the day.

Milan Expo

Milan | Italy | Competition Entry | Third Place | 2014

The proposed Iran Pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015 introduces an experience that merges nature and architecture to represent Iran’s vernacular architecture. The pavilion raises its outer shell to reveal Irans diverse ecology beneath the earth. To create an experience that triggers all five senses, the spaces are divided into four sections reflecting the different climatic zones present in Iran.

Side Stool

At JA, often we hear the question, “what do you think about this?” around the office. With a Side Stool always accessible where and when we need it, we are able to easily and comfortably pull up a seat and immerse ourselves in each other’s workspace. As a piece on its own, the Side Stool is a seat, but when combined, one can grow to become a bench or a coffee table. The versatility of the stool is in keeping with the open nature of our office.

NYC AIDS Memorial

New York | United States | Competition Entry | 2011

The White Void; a white reflecting pool encompassing a central void, connecting the below grade space to the ground level to frame a parallel between the everyday life and history. This visual connection becomes interrupted by the ripples produced from the activities occurring at the surface. This project proposes opportunities for people to commemorate those impacted in New York during the AIDS crisis.

A Footbridge in Maribor Competition

Maribor | Slovenia | Competition Entry | 2010

A proposed 130m footbridge across the Drava River functions as both a landmark, through its intriguing single structural geometry, and a vibrant urban surface that engages the public, to produce a new visual and physical experience in Slovenia.