04.2015 ja Architecture Studio was invited to attend Guggenheim Helsinki Now, an exhibition presenting top submissions, April 25– May 16 at the Kunsthalle Helsinki

03. 2015 Received an Honorable mention for Guggenheim Helsinki Competition

2014, Featured in Design lines Magazine , winter of 2014 ,For Hire Section, Calling Card by Elizabeth pagoliacolo

02.2014 Featured in Modern Toronto

01.2014 Wond third prize in Iran's Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 Competition

02.2012.Featured in NEW YORK magazine's February 2012 issue in an article by Justin Davidson.

11.2011. Featured in MARK magazine, ISSUE 29, December/ January 2011.

.09.2011. Featured in TORONTO LIFE magazine's November 2011 issue in an artucle by Alex Bozikovic,

.08.2011. Featured in MARK magazine, ISSUE 34, October /November 2011.

.07.2011. Featured in Kijk magazine's Number 7, 2011issue.

.06.2011. Featured in ME-MAR magazine, Iranian bimonthly on Architecture and Urban Design's June-July 2011 issue.

.03.2011. Featured in Beaux Arts magazine's March 2011 issue.

12.2010. Featured in ARCHINECT

09.2010. Featured in ARCHINECT.

09.2010. Featured in ARCHINECT

09.2010. Featured in ARCHITIZER

.05.2010. Featured in Interiors magazine's May 2010 issue.

05.2010. Featured in B1 magazine, volume 4, issue 44, may 2011.

04.2010. featured in ARCHDAILY

04.2010.Featured in ARCHINECT



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