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NYC AIDS Memorial Monument Compitition

White Void
New York, US

Bird's-eye View of the Proposal

The White Void
A white reflecting pool gradually becomes a void at the center. The reflection of everyday life above and the history that exist underneath are interrupted by ripples caused by moments of activity on its surface.

Site Plan

The Site
The site plan follows the principles suggested by previous landscape proposals; creating a dense green belt around the park and a calm interior for the memorial. Paper birch is the three proposed for the site, its tall and slender trunks with its pristine white color together with the whiteness of the reflecting pool beckon the visitors that they are entering a special space, a apace to reflect.

Perspective view of the Proposal

The pool would function as a regular community park splash pool and kids playing in it enliven the memorial. During the day The gentle slope of the pool and its white surface in contrast with the green surroundings and at night an array of lights on the surface, would draw the by-passers inside, where they get to reflect on the void that AIDS crisis created here in New York city and all over the world.

Longitudinal Section

The Exhibition Space
The access to the exhibition space below is accommodated on the west (between Greenwich Ave. and West 12th) both for ramp and elevator access. The space directly beneath the pool would be a contemplating exhibition space with the void acting as a skylight. From this skylight visitors of the exhibition would have bottom up view to the pool and the life above while looking at the exhibited material commemorating the lives lost to the aids and the heroism of activists that got engaged with the crisis.

Perspective View of the Proposal
Leads: Nima Javidi, Behnaz Assadi