A joint venture between Ja Architecture Studio and Maher va Hamkaran Consulting engineering Firm.  

Earth was the focus of Milan Expo 2015. The main objective in this project was to infuse space under the earth, by raising parts of its shell and introducing Iran's diverse ecology underneath.

This method of engaging with nature has a long standing history in Iran's vernacular architecture; subterranean houses in hot climate, houses carved into the rock in mountainous regions and finally Yakhchals and Abanbars (water, ice and food reservoirs).

The pavilion has been divided into four different climatic zones which not only represent Iran's climatic diversity but also make the visitors' experience of each space a unique on

Water - Water stream has always been an inseparable part of Iran's architecture and the binding element between different climatic rooms in this proposal. The water of the stream is pumped to the system from the front pond and returns to it at the end. The runoffs from the roofs and other hard surfaces would also get collected by the channels at the bottom of the roof slopes led towards the edges of the site and finally merge with the central water stream.

Circulation - The visitors can walk along the central water stream and through the herb gardens inside while they can also just as easily walk away from the main path and get outside. Given the more gradual slope of the roof structure where one climate ends and the other begin the visitors are able to walk over the surface of the structure and onto the roofscape.

Architecture - By using a pure architectural element, flat brick vault--repeated along a stream of water--different ecological zones of Iran are merged and the project creates a pavilion that conveys the essence of Iran without getting too engaged in the regional vs. international architectural debates.

Spaces - A strong and continuous indoor outdoor connection with minimum separating walls and partitions is the key guideline for a fluid and vibrant exhibition space. An unobstructed connection between what is offered inside the pavilion and outside will leaves an impression of what the program is all about even on those who are simply passing by.

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