“Mess is the law” Jeremy Till

Ja Architecture Studio is a Toronto-based architecture practice with great interest in the role that design- oriented practices can play in bringing life and excitement to the projects and cities. The commitment of the firm is in getting engaged with highly ambitious projects that have grounds on buildability and cultural relevance. Founded by a duo of a registered architect and a landscape designer, supported by a group of passionate designers the studio have been successful in participating in a range of realized projects of different scales and have been published in numerous international media. 


We follow the rules and the loopholes. 
We are full of bullshit which allows us to escape from the comfort of the normative. 
We are part of the parametric generation and still amazed by the richness of the old messy processes.
We like computer, geometry and form specially when they operate in the background. 
We believe that a good project is nothing less than a good building but we never stopped pushing our projects towards buildings. 
We have built projects to feel the mess. 
We like the old simple ties between businesses and people. Like  doctors, barristers, cobblers, sex workers and magicians… we have a small space and we pay rent.
We have students who work for us and observe our struggles.
We see no boundaries between design disciplines other than the ones drawn by the very practitioners of each discipline. 
We moved to Toronto to practice architecture. We like to think we are without precedent.

We are always looking for Architecture students who are competent in Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and AutoCAD.Applicants should be motivated and tuned with the studio culture. Please review the website to see if your interest is aligned with what we do.

To apply; please e-mail your C.V. along with a few work samples to:

Please note that given the large volume of applicants we receive we would not be able to reply to all the e-mails we receive; however, should we decide to set up an interview we will contact you within two weeks of receiving the e-mail.