The Offset House
Ja Architecture studio Project in Collaboration with ARTA Design and Build

01-Main Image
The idea of the project is to capture south light exposure on an east west lot by splitting and offsetting the second floor of a narrow and deep infill house. The offset between the two levels in section becomes an opening that allows the south light into the main floor and in plan it becomes a void that allows a straight cascading stair to pass through. In the elevation the offset of two one and half storey volumes on one hand defines the entry and on the other creates distance between the south face of the top volume and the neighbor. Two cozy outdoor spaces are created for the lower second floor as the result of this volumetric shift. At the end the project tries to use a geometric shift to create a house that constantly changes mood and character by the changing qualities of light during the day.

Rendering of the proposal

Conceptual Sketch of the Offset House

Conceptual Model of the Offset House

Shots of the Offset House from Cleveland Street

OAA- Cleveland  Elevations&Section-cleaned layer-01


Sections C_C and D-D

18 -cleveland

Shot of the Living Room Looking Towards the Deck and the Backyard.
Photo By: Sam Javanrouh

19 -cleveland
Night Shot of the House from the Backyard

Rendering of the Proposal from the Backyard

OAA- longitudinal Section
Longitudinal Section B_B
Shot of the Kitchen
Photo By: Advirtour

OAA-firstfloor plan
Plan of the First Level


Shot of the Kitchen and the Entry Door
Photo By: Advirtour

Shot of the Stairs To the Mezzanine Level and the Third Floor and The Skylights Above
Photo By: Sam Javanrouh

Shot of the Master Bedroom on the Mezzanine Level
Photo By: Sam Javanrouh

OAA-Secondfloor plan
Plan of the Mezzanine level

Shot of the Third Bedroom
Photo By: Sam Javanrouh

OAA- thrd floor plans

Plan of the Third Floor


Night Shot of the Offset House from Cleveland Street
Photo By: Sam Javanrouh

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