“Ja Architecture Studio is a Toronto-based practice, exploring the role of architecture and design in shaping the cultures of their immediate and global context. They engage in the relevant conversations through their work with a vested interest in highly ambitious projects that have grounds on buildability and cultural influence. Founded by a duo of a registered architect and a landscape designer, and supported by a passionate, skilled team, the studio have been successful in participating in a range of realized projects of different scales.

The studio explores the relationship between form, geometry, structure and space. Not limited to the context and typology, each project, whether it is a customized kitchen counter or a museum, it is a response to the continuous exploration of the team in collaboration with their clients. Adaptable in structure and experimental in materiality, the work of ja studio offers a playful presentation of architecture.


is a Landscape designer with a Master of Landscape Architecture and a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. She is a partner in JaStudioInc in Toronto. Her interest and expertise in focused on topics and areas of our contemporary landscape that have been left out from the scope of traditional landscape design, mainly Landscape Urbanism.

Behnaz Assadi, MLA, BFA


2008, Master of Landscape Architecture
Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design, University of Toronto
2002, Diploma in Interior Design
Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran – Iran
2001, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran- Iran
1996, High school diploma in Science
Paknejad school, Tehran-Iran
Work experience
2009, JaStudioInc, Toronto, ON
2008, Full-time employment in Centre for Landscape Research at Faculty of AL&D ,University of Toronto.
Design assistant in Columbus Re-wired (AIA competition), Heights of Design (Competition organized by Unioncamere
Piemonte and the Piemonte Region Authority in Northern Italy), Venice Lagoon Competition( 2G in collaboration with
Santa & Cole, Città di Venezia, and Parco della Laguna di Venezia).
Design coordinator, on Ontario Food Terminal Project, Toronto, Ontario.
2007, Internship at Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam.
3D modeling and rendering for Almaty science center in Kazakhstan, De Rotterdam in Rotterdam.
Four of the drawings are uploaded on the Project section of OMA web site: http://www.oma.eu/
2005-6, Research Assistant, Al&D University of Toronto
Working with Professor Pierre Belanger on the “Underground Project” 3D mapping and modeling of the Toronto under ground pathway system.
2001, Full-time employment, Ayandeh Pardaz Co.Tehran-Iran
Art director and Graphic Designer.
Competition and Awards
2007, Special Mention in 2G International Design Competition for Venice Lagoon.
Organized by 2G in collaboration with Santa & Cole, Città di Venezia, and Parco della Laguna di Venezia.
Design Team: Pierre Belanger,behnaz assai, Ed Zec, Hoda Matar.
2007, Honorable Mention in AIA Columbus Re-Wired Competition
Organized by the American Institute of Architects.
Design Team: Pierre Belanger, Behnaz Assadi, Ed Zec.
2007, Second Place  prize  in Heights of Design Competition
Organized by Union camere Piemonte and the Piemonte Region Authority in Northern Italy.
Design team: Pierre Belanger, Behnaz Assadi , Ed Zec.
2006, Professional Experience Program award, AL&D University of Toronto
A portfolio based award for student internship in five outstanding architecture and design offices; one student is selected for each firm.
2004, Brickstop awards, AL&D, University of Toronto
2002, Jury Selection, High Line Competition, NewYork. Collaborating with Nima Javidi

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